Privacy Policy

Purpose of Utilization

We utilize the personal information to the extent of the following purposes except in the case based on laws and regulations.

  • To managing the customer information:
  • To respond to comments and questions:
  • To deliver or distribute such beneficial information like advertisement and notification: and
  • To make the use for marketing.

Third Party Provision

Unless required by the Personal Information Protection Act or other applicable laws and regulations, we shall not provide to any third party the personal information except in the case of following. In case that the principal demands of us ceasing a third-party provision of the relevant personal information, we shall cease such provision without delay.

  • When the user of this service, who takes our Licensee’s photo service, alters a part of its personal information and notices such changes to the Company, the Company provides such alternation to such Licensee.

Disclosure, Correction and Cease

In case that a principal demands of us to disclose their personal information, we shall respond the demand to the extent that the ceasing does not obstruct our business. In order for us to respond the demand correctly, such principal shall present a matter sufficient to specify the individual in the manner which we designate.

In case that any differences are found in personal information, we shall soon correct them upon respective principal’s demand. In case that a principal demands of us to cease of utilize or cease of provision to a third party, we shall respond the demand to the extent that such ceasing does not obstruct our business.

Please contact us for the information for a method for a demand and a fee.

Change and Such Notice

This Policy is subject to change at our sole discretion. A principal shall make consent to us that we may not notify any change to a principal. Please refer to this policy each time when a principal uses the service.

We make our best effort to protect personal information. To prevent personal information from illegal access, utilize or disclose, we shall develop and employ technologies and measures to prevent unauthorized access to personal information. For the same purpose, we shall observe designated internal rules.